Stress Free Moving Tips

Moving sucks. And it generally means you’re up for some serious work. If you’ve already visited the new place and have signed your life away on an overpriced lease, all that’s left is to hire a moving company.

With so much that can go wrong, it’s no surprise that moving is considered one of the most difficult situations that you’ll probably have to face every couple years. To help ease the transition we’ve compiled a short list of tips to help make moving suck a little less.

  • Give yourself enough time for planning, research and preparation – if there is one thing you’ll want as your move date draws near, it’s more time. There’s nothing more important than having enough time to plan and execute the move itself. From research on hiring the right moving company, to organizing your belongings into Gorilla Bins, you’ll have to work within certain deadlines and it’s in your best interest to have plenty of time in order to do everything properly. You definitely don’t want to rush, this will only add to the stress and lead to mistakes, such as packing your belongings in a bad way.
  • Do thorough research on a moving company – you’re going to need to hire a moving service unless you want to haul all that furniture up and down those stairs yourself. Take your time to research your options, there are going to be many companies to choose from. What you want is a reliable mover, one who can meet your needs and expectations and will get the job done in a professional way. Price is an important factor – ask for free quotes for comparison and always ask if they offer any discounts.
  • Place your Gorilla Bins order well in advance. The summer months are the busiest and placing your order in advance will help guarantee that you get your desired delivery/pick up dates and time frames. If you’re unsure as to how many boxes you’ll need it’s always best to estimate on the higher side. You’ll be surprised how much stuff you have hiding in closets, under the bed and in every nook and cranny you’ve forgotten about. Mattress covers are pretty much a necessity. This is NYC, you DO NOT want your bed, the place you lay head every night, to touch the hallway floors or the street or the back of a moving truck. Protect your mattress, a $9 cover is the best purchase you can make when moving. Bubble wrap, duh. Wardobe boxes, stretch wrap and packing paper will all make your life easier, it’s worth it, we promise.
  • Label your boxes, we’ll give you one label for each box, use them. This will help you to arrange your belongings once you reach your new pad and the moving van unloads your Gorilla Bins. If you do not devote the time and attention to properly label the boxes, you will find yourself in a chaos zone, and then we wish you good luck.

Follow these tips and moving will suck a little less, which is definitely something you want. They’ll ensure that you have an easier time overall with your move and that you successfully get to your destination without ripping all of your hair out.